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Three-effect evaporator

Three-effect evaporator

System composition:

The main forms of the equipment are positive cone type, mushroom type, straight type, inclined cone type and inverted cone type. It can be used for static extraction, or it can be configured for dynamic extraction according to the needs of the production process.

1. The main tank body, with jacket and heat preservation, has a manhole, and has a cylinder to control the slag door switch, which has low labor intensity.

2. The trap is mainly used to eliminate the foam generated when boiling Chinese medicine and prevent the dregs in the medicine vapor from entering the condenser.

3, the condenser, the main role is the liquid vapor for condensation and alcohol recovery.

3, the cooler, the main role is to cool the condensate and solvent.

4, oil-water separator, mainly used in the oil extraction, the oil is separated by the cooled recovery liquid to obtain the desired aromatic oil.

5. Gas-liquid separator, separating the vapor-liquid to prevent the liquid from being taken out of the tank when venting.

6. Stirrer, stir the material in the tank, so that the internal active ingredients of the extracted solid can be uniformly heated and completely decoctioned, which is beneficial to the slag.

Tianbao Machinery produces single-effect evaporators, double-effect evaporators, and three-effect evaporators.

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