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Single effect evaporator

Single effect evaporator


Multi-functional extraction tank can be used in the traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical, sugar, oil and fat industry, such as atmospheric pressure, micro pressure, water decoction, warm immersion, heat reflux, forced circulation, seepage, aromatic oil extraction and recovery of organic dissolved coal. Process operations. Regardless of the water extraction, alcohol extraction, oil extraction, steaming, and the process of recovering the solvent in the residue, the process can be applied to achieve high utilization rate of one-pot multi-purpose equipment. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spray ball, temperature measuring hole, explosion-proof sight glass lamp, sight glass, quick opening feeding port, etc., to ensure easy operation and meet GMP standards. The inner cylinder of the equipment is made of imported SUS304, the jacket is insulated by a fully enclosed aluminum silicate blanket, and the outer cylinder is SUS304 matt thin steel veneer. Complete equipment supply includes: demister, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, filter, cylinder console and other accessories. Tianbao Machinery is a manufacturer of double-effect evaporators , single-effect evaporators and three-effect evaporators.

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