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Tube sterilization machine

Tube sterilization machine manufacturers

Tube sterilization machine manufacturers

Tianbao mechanical tube sterilization machine features:

1, the viscosity range is very large, the use environment PH value 1 ~ 14, suitable for fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, flower milk, juice, tea drinks, wine, ice cream, soy milk, milk drinks, longevity milk, jam, sauce Sterile production of products such as products, products treated with UHT sterilization system in the case of aseptic packaging, the quality or freshness can be maintained at room temperature for 3 to 6 months (without adding any preservatives), eliminating the cold chain;

2, the sterilization machine has automatic or semi-automatic computer control, touch LCD screen operation;

3, instantaneous processing, to maintain the original flavor of the product;

4, PID temperature control system, the sterilization temperature is continuously recorded in real time on the recorder;

5. The heat treatment process of the product is uniform, and the heat recovery rate is as high as 90%;

6. There is no contact point in the tube, no sanitary corners, the product will not adhere to the tube, and the bellows will form a high turbulence during the sterilization process. It has self-cleaning effect during the material flow, so it is not easy to form scale and pollution inside the tube;

7, long continuous running time and better CIP self-cleaning effect;

8, less spare parts, lower operating costs;

9, easy to install, inspection and disassembly, pipeline maintenance is convenient;

10, the material is reliable, can withstand higher product pressure.