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UHT plate sterilizer

UHT plate sterilizer

[UHT plate sterilizer] works:

The working principle of the UHT plate sterilizer is that the material is pumped into the hot and cold material heat exchange device of the sterilizer by the centrifugal pump to be preheated, and then the high temperature barrel filled with high pressure, the material is rapidly heated to the sterilization temperature and before and after It lasted for about 3 seconds, and the microorganisms and enzymes were quickly killed. After the material exits the high temperature barrel, it is cooled by heat exchange with the cold material, and the temperature is generally lower than 65 °C.

If the next process needs to increase the temperature, it can be achieved by adjusting the angle cut-off valve or circulation, etc., otherwise the cooling water is added to reduce the discharge temperature.

The discharge is controlled by a throttle valve of the sterilizer which allows the boiling point of the material to be above the maximum temperature while maintaining a certain pressure. This valve is adjusted during normal production, and the back pressure control flow is generated by the pump's urging force against the spring pressure, and should be fully opened when cleaning the sterilizer. The circulating storage tank can be used to prepare an acid-base solution for effective cleaning of the inner wall of the coil.

Due to the simultaneous use of stainless steel three-way cocks, the flow rate can be adjusted appropriately.

Features of UHT plate sterilizer:

1. Continuous production, the sterilization time is extremely short.

2. High quality products can be obtained due to short heating time.

3. Due to the use of ultra-high temperature sterilization, the sterilization effect is particularly good.

4. It is used in series with centrifugal pump or high-pressure homogenizer. It has a wide application range and is suitable for sterilization of high-viscosity materials.

5. Since the heat exchanger with hot and cold materials is designed to have the economic effect of waste heat utilization, the steam consumption is small.