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Cleaning precautions for tube sterilization machine
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-14

The sterilizer kills microorganisms on products, packaging materials, packaging aids, packaging materials, etc., and reduces them to the allowable range. The sterilizer is specially designed for the laboratory of R&D institutions of universities and production units to obtain test data; casing type sterilization system, plate type sterilization system: for fruit and vegetable puree, raw juice, concentrated juice, milk, juice A continuous sterilization process for beverages or similar products.

Many customers are not paying attention to the cleaning of the tube sterilization machine , so that they cannot be used normally. Let's take a look at the matters needing attention:

The cleaning of the tube sterilization machine has the following points:

1. When cleaning the tube-type sterilizer, it should be supplied with sufficient concentrated acid and alkali.

2. The cold homogenization of the cleaning tube sterilizer is the same as the cleaning pipeline.

3. Whether the cooling water is turned on when the tube-type sterilizer is cleaned, and when the single-effect film-reducing device is cleaned, the liquid level of the transpiration chamber, the separation chamber, and the condensation tower is below whether it is under the eyepiece. If the outlet pressure is not adjusted, the arrival is made. The liquid level is below the eyepiece.

4. When the conductivity meter of the tube-type sterilizer cleaning circuit does not change for a long time, immediately check all valve actions (especially whether the manual valve is turned over).

5, the tube tube sterilization machine has been in a low temperature condition for a long time, pay attention to check whether the ice water inlet and outlet butterfly valve is closed.

The above five aspects are concerned with the need to use the tube sterilizer cleaning requirements.

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