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Daily maintenance procedures for batching tanks
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

The application of Tianbao mechanical batching tank mainly includes viewing work, operation process, repair and maintenance and attention items. The specific process is as follows.

1, view preparation work

1.1 Jog the mixing motor to check for abnormal sound and oil leakage.

1.2 Check whether the sealing of each valve is tight, check the sealing system to avoid oil leakage.

1.3 Check if the appliance is not missing and there is no leakage.

1.4 Check whether the safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, vacuum gauge, etc. are not missing.

2, the operation of the batching tank

2.1 Open the vacuum valve. When the vacuum reaches -0.04Mpa, open the inlet valve and use the vacuum to pump in the pre-treated solution.

2.2 Open the inlet valve, pump in the purified water to the process requirements, open the exhaust valve and break the vacuum.

2.3 Open the main power switch, open the mixing motor switch, mix and mix. At this moment, the hand hole is opened to carry out the input of the solid powder. Add end, close, and continue mixing.

2.4 When the liquid is heated, open the jacketed steam valve and open the trap together. The pressure is controlled below 0.10 Mpa. When not in use, close the steam valve and close the trap.

2.5 When the liquid is cooled, open the inlet valve and the outlet valve at the bottom of the jacket to cool. If not, close the inlet valve and the outlet valve, and clean it after use.

2.6 Pay attention to the pressure of the pressure gauge to keep it at 0.1Mpa, and reach the heating requirement to close the steam valve.

2.7 Mixing and mixing End the closed motor switch, close the main power supply gate, and open the open valve to discharge.

3, repair and maintenance

3.1 Always check the airtightness of welds, pipes, level gauges, valves and manholes.

3.2 Always check the activity of thermometers and pressure gauges.

3.3 Check if the safety valve is active and the trap is clear.

3.4 The overhaul period is one year. When the rolling bearing of all transmission parts needs to be replaced during overhaul, it should be replaced in time. After the grease is smoothed, the oil filling hole is covered.

4, pay attention to matters

4.1 The equipment operation is faulty. The residual steam in the tank should be exhausted and cannot be repaired with pressure.

4.2 When repairing, avoid liquid splashing on the motor.

4.3 The equipment is cleaned up in time.