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Maintenance and maintenance of beer cans after use
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

In order to brew a pot of fine wine, a high-quality brewing equipment is not less, the most important thing in the equipment is the fermenter , which can be said to be the key to winemaking. So in order to enable you to get to know the product more closely, let's talk about the protection and maintenance content of beer cans after use.

1. Work on the mixer: Look at and tighten the locking screw on the mixing shaft each time the lid is opened.

2, the position adjustment of the magnetic steel: the distance between the normal magnetic steel and the bottom of the tank is 1 - 1.5 mm, the small distance magnetic steel bottom will reach a cabinet, then the mixing shaft can not roll or the sound of the mixing shaft dances with a larger phenomenon The distance is too large, and then the magnetic magnetic steel is reduced between lower and lower. When the fermentation liquid is viscous, it can be aborted with more noise.

3. Bearing replacement: After 1 - 2 years of operation, the bearing noise is significantly added, or the mixing shaft is significantly swayed to replace the bearing. The discharge end of the bearing end cover, the discharge screw shaft and the bearing gland are unloaded under the bearing end cover, the bottom end bearing of the circlip is removed, the mixing shaft is removed, the bearing is replaced, and the device is replaced again.

4, filter replacement: Because the air contains a lot of dust, after a period of time, the microporous filter will gradually block, the reason for this is that the airflow and air pressure drop are added, which may lead to bacterial infection, only need to be modified. When idling, the filter element should be removed from the air filter and the condensate in the filter should be drained side by side.

5, the maintenance of the solenoid valve: the cooling of the solenoid valve, the spool of the solenoid valve is now invalid, the spool seal is invalid, the solenoid coil damage may cause the solenoid valve to fail. Fault discrimination: The circulation pump is running normally, the circulation line is normal, and the temperature drop is not only the biggest reason for rising. However, the solenoid valve is leaking or the spool is stuck. Another reason may be that the electric heater is burnt out. According to the irrigation switch, the indicator of the irrigation switch is on, the end of the solenoid valve is non-magnetic, no cooling water is discharged, and the coil is broken. The irrigation switch indicator does not light, and the F1 (true) fuse in the box is blown. Close the solenoid valve, the outlet has cooling water leakage, the spool seal fails or the debris blocks the spool.

6, the protection of the ball valve, because the internal sealing ball valve is made of two hemispherical tetrafluoroethylene, after long-term use, seal the valve core and possible leakage, unscrew the valve at the two ends of the tube joint nut, and then tighten Cylindrical joint end valve (under normal conditions, the rotating stem should have some resistance).

7. Leakage of the adapter connector: Tighten the cover on the street.

8. Air hose: In order to avoid accidental bursting of the hose and air flow meter, it is recommended to replace the hose every two years.

9. After the fermentation is completed and disinfected, it should be cleaned in time. During the installation, the air distributor should be refilled and the fill holes replaced in time, such as replacing the bottom valve and replacing the bottom valve gasket.