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Home > news > The sterilization time of the spray sterilizer is determined by the sterilization process
The sterilization time of the spray sterilizer is determined by the sterilization process
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

The function of the spray sterilizer is mainly composed of three parts: preheating temperature rising zone, constant temperature sterilizing zone and cooling cooling zone. The spray sterilizer transports the now-filled bottles from the feeding conveyor belt in sequence, and then transports them on the stainless steel filter plate. Finally, it is output from the double-row conveyor chain.

1. Cooling cooling zone:

The function of the spray sterilizer is divided into three sections, namely the warm water cooling section and the cooling water cooling section. The cooling water cooling section is roughly provided with three water tanks. The cooling water mainly comes from the external water source, and then accesses the cooling section above the access network belt. The spray pipe will flow into the water tank through the mesh belt after spraying, and the warm water in the water tank will be pumped to the warm water section for spraying and recycling.

2. Constant temperature sterilization zone:

The spray sterilizer is equipped with two sections, the first is the pasteurization zone and the constant temperature zone. Two water tanks are set in this zone, that is, the steam is sent into the water tank and heated to the required temperature, and then pumped to the mesh belt. Spray on top, working the same way as the top two. The hot water temperature in the sterilization zone is automatically controlled by the temperature controller. The sterilization time is determined by the sterilization process, and can also be modified by adjusting the rotation speed of the stepless transmission.

3. Preheating temperature rise zone:

The spray sterilizer is equipped with a 3-stage preheating zone to gradually warm the bottle to the pasteurization process to prevent damage to the taste of the material in the bottle. This utility zone will also be provided with 3 separate water tanks. After heating, it is transported by each circulating pump to a nozzle placed above the mesh belt, and then uniformly atomized and then sprayed on the bottle, and the warm water is then flowed into the water tank by the mesh belt for circulation.

The status of each functional area of ​​the spray sterilizer is the three functional areas described above, and we have a better understanding of these three functional areas.