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Do you know the hot and cold cylinder evaporator?
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-20

Cooling and hot-cylinder evaporator: In the cold-hot cylinder evaporator, the cooling medium is usually in direct contact with water and exhaust gas, and the vaporous contaminants in the exhaust gas condense, and the condensate and the cooling medium are discharged into the condenser in the form of waste liquid. The advantage is to facilitate heat transfer and solve the anti-magic problem. The main types of equipment are spray, spray, packing and tray. The waste liquid discharged from the condenser is generally not easy to recycle, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution, but the oil substances can be separated and recovered according to the density.

The working principle of the hot and cold cylinder evaporator: the tank wall uses the advanced honeycomb Miller plate evaporator to directly exchange heat with the milk. Refrigeration compressors are imported from the United States. Taikang has obtained the French Meiyoule fully enclosed compressor unit and imported expansion valve and solenoid valve. It is equipped with a reliable midpoint protector and will not burn the compressor due to overload or system failure. The tank parts are all made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel with a pressurized automatic rotary cleaning CIP sprinkler and automatic mixing device. The insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam and has good heat insulation performance.

Application of the hot and cold cylinder evaporator: such as heaters, coolers and condensers; it can also be part of a process equipment, such as a heat exchanger in an ammonia synthesis tower. Due to the limitations of the manufacturing process and scientific level, the early cold and hot-cylinder evaporators could only adopt a simple structure, and the heat transfer area was small, bulky and bulky, such as a coiled-tube heat exchanger. With the development of the manufacturing process, a shell-and-tube heat exchanger is gradually formed, which not only has a large heat transfer area per unit volume, but also has a good heat transfer effect, and has been a typical change in industrial production for a long time. Heater. Part of the heat of the hot fluid is transferred to the heat exchanger, also known as the heat exchanger. Widely used in industrial sectors such as chemical, petroleum, power and atomic energy. Its main function is to ensure the specific temperature required for the process, and it is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency.

Characteristics of the hot and cold cylinder evaporator: external heating natural circulation type evaporation method, the evaporation speed is fast, the concentration ratio is significant, and can reach 12-1.35-like drug extract. The cold and hot-cylinder evaporator adopts two-effect simultaneous evaporation, and the secondary steam is used, the total energy consumption is reduced by 50% compared with the single-effect concentration, and the multifunctional operation characteristic: the recoverable alcohol concentration is about 80%. Single-effect, second-effect, and three-effect can be repeated and the paste is collected. It can be fed intermittently and continuously. The hot and cold cylinder evaporator and the material contact parts are made of stainless steel, in line with GMP standards, and the appearance is beautiful. The heater and the evaporator are respectively provided with an insulating layer, and the outer layer of the insulating layer is made of a stainless steel sheet, and the surface is mirror-finished or matt-treated.