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Three barriers to breaking the juice production line
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-09

Juice production line development status

Fruit production promotes the development of the juice industry. Since 1980, due to the attention of the central and local governments, China has introduced good fruit types, promoted advanced fruit cultivation skills, expanded fruit cultivation area, and total fruit production. The output value has been improved year by year. By 1999, the area of ​​fruit cultivation was 31.3% of the total international. The total fruit output value accounted for 14% of the total output value of international fruit, reaching 62.376 million tons, ranking first in the world. Apple and pear are the first in the world, and the output value of citrus is second only to Brazil and the United States. Rich fruit resources provide quality assurance for the development of China's juice processing industry.

In the future, in 1990, it was the accelerated development period of China's juice industry. The output value of fruit juice beverages increased year by year. By 1999, the total output value of fruit juice beverages in China reached 1.5 million tons. In 1995, there were 1,237 fruit and vegetable juice processing enterprises in China, and this year the fruit and vegetable juice processing enterprises have far exceeded this figure. China has introduced advanced juice production and processing lines from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Finland, Japan and other countries. During this period, there are more than 90 concentrated juice production lines , nearly 160 TetraPak production lines, more than 10 Combibloc production lines and many cans. Line, PET line, glass bottle line. In the meantime, there are 70 apple juice concentrate production lines. 20 concentrated juice production lines such as citrus juice concentrate and pineapple juice concentrate.

At present, most of China's concentrated juices use aluminum foil aseptic large bags, such as apple juice concentrate; while frozen concentrated orange juice is mostly iron drums lined with polyethylene bags. In China's juice market, the packaging of direct-drinking juices and juice drinks is basically in the form of metal cans, paper packaging, three-capped glass bottles, and PET bottles. In the process of fruit juice processing, three methods of hot filling, cold filling and aseptic filling are generally used.

Restrictive factors There are three main elements of juice production in China:

Material element

Because the fruit tree species can not satisfy the processing needs, the problem of material quality has always plagued the processing enterprises. As long as the right processed, high-quality juice is used to produce a good juice product. China's fruit juice processing industry is carried out on the basis of the rapid development of fruit growing industry and the difficulty of fruit sales. After the fruit juice processing consumes the remaining fresh fruit, the demand for raw materials for fresh fruit and juice is Different, so the processed juice is difficult to satisfy the requirements of the shopping mall. For example, the apple used in the production of apple juice has low acidity, while the orange juice has less orange processing, bitter taste and high acidity, while foreign processing enterprises have specialized processing. Fruit material base.

Short skills

Because the demand for shopping malls continues to expand, there is a high demand for the production power of the enterprise. Therefore, many beverage companies have also upgraded their own juice beverage production line equipment, or added a juice beverage production line, which also gives the juice beverage production line. The production enterprises supply space, but if the foreign advanced juice beverage production line skills are still very significant compared to our distance, this requires us to continuously upgrade our skills, as long as the skills can satisfy the needs of the enterprise. We can only have a place in high-end shopping malls, and packaging machinery faces the same problem.

Less self-owned brands

In fact, most of the juices we buy on the market are foreign brands, or domestic brands that have been bought abroad. There are many fruit juice companies in China, but there are very few good brands. Basically, many companies have become foreign brands. factory. Brand civilization is the soul of products. How to operate your own brand to establish a remarkable image is what China's fruit and vegetable enterprises need to learn. It is understood that the fruit and vegetable beverage market is now short and strong leading brands. According to the relevant data, the top ten brands in the fruit and vegetable juice shopping malls do not have a comprehensive market share of more than 20%, while the bottled drinking water and carbonated drinks that are the same as the beverage industry are much higher in concentration. The top three are The market share of leading brands is significantly higher than other brands. The lack of leading brands means that each brand has a lot of room to develop, and once it wins in the fruit and vegetable juice industry, it can gain more market share.

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