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[Plate Sterilizer] The most important equipment in the food industry
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-03

The plate sterilizer can be used in the aseptic heat treatment system for liquid beverage foods. This sterilizer is a very important device in the food packaging industry. It is a sterilizer for products, as well as packaging container packaging materials, as well as packaging aids and packaging. The microbes on the pieces are killed and can be lowered to the allowable range. This type of plate sterilizer is used for some fruit and vegetable puree, as well as raw juice, as well as concentrated juice, some milk, as well as continuous sterilization process of juice drinks or similar products.

As a high-quality sterilization equipment, the plate sterilizer can help food packaging safety and contribute to the food industry. This kind of sterilizer is an important equipment for food packaging. Food sterilization is one of the major projects in the food industry. It protects the food and allows the food to flow away from the factory to the consumer, in order to prevent damage from biological, chemical and physical external factors.