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Precautions during the operation of the beverage production line
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-27

Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. professional production line machinery manufacturers take you to understand the precautions in the operation of the beverage production line :

1. When the beverage production line machinery is in operation, please pay attention to whether the equipment has an abnormal sound. If there is any need for maintenance, find out the cause and clear the fault.

2. Do not stand on the equipment while the beverage equipment is running.

3. Check if the UV lamp disinfected by the lid is open, whether the lid of the lid chamber is filled with ozone, and whether the pure water pump for disinfection has normal water supply.

4. If the filling valve leaks, there are two possibilities: First, the filling valve is opened and not reset. Second, the sealing ring of the filling valve is not sealed. It can be removed and inspected to replace the sealing ring.

5. If there is a high cover and a lid, there are the following situations: First, there is a problem with the cooperation of the lid and the bottle, and there may be a problem with one of them. Second, the capping head has insufficient torque, if it can be rotated by hand, Then find out the capping head to increase the torque until it meets the requirements. Third, there is a problem with the upper bottle, mainly in the excessive position of the star wheel. It is possible that the bottle retaining block is loose and must be reset.

6. If the bottle is removed from the bottle, there are the following conditions: First, there is a problem with the bottle on the bottle mouth. Second, the spring of the bottle holder has lost its elasticity, or the bottle is loose or worn, and there is no way to pinch the bottle. Just replace it.

7. If the torque of the capping head is not adjusted, replace it with a magnet and check the spring inside. If the elastic force is not enough, replace it. In addition, if the capping cap is not pressed back, it must be removed and inspected. Replace the parts.

8. If the cover is always covered at the small star wheel of the cover slot, the position of the star wheel must be adjusted until it is smooth. If the cover of the cover machine is covered, first check whether the components at the exit are covered, and blow the cover. Whether the air pressure is too large, then adjust its position or air pressure.

9. If the cover is not smooth, you can increase or decrease the spring pressure on the dial. Also check if the excess contact with it is normal.

The above is the precautions in the operation of the beverage production line.