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The true face of the pure water production line flow rate
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-30

The flow rate of the pure water production line , in the process of the operation of the bottled pure water production line equipment, the regeneration of water flowing through the resin at a slower speed is better than the effect of simply soaking the resin with salt water. This process generally takes about 30 minutes, practice Always affected by the amount of salt used. After flowing the resin through the brine, the process of gradually washing the salt in the resin at the same flow rate with the raw water is called slow scouring, because there are still a large number of functional groups on which calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged by sodium ions. According to practical experience, this process is the primary process of regeneration, so many people call this process a replacement. This process is generally the same as the time of salt absorption, that is, about 30 minutes. In order to completely clean the residual salt, the bottled pure water production line equipment should use the flow rate close to the actual operation, and wash the resin with raw water. The effluent of this process should be qualified soft water. It is necessary to control the timing and temperature of sterilization to ensure the effect, and to prevent the sterilization time from being too long or too high, and to reduce the oxidation of the beverage. When sterilizing, it should be cooled quickly so that the temperature does not exceed 35 °C. Low-temperature filling is a requirement for filling beverages. Under normal circumstances, beverages are not easy to be foamed in a low-temperature environment, which is beneficial for filling.

Before each work, use 0 ~ 1 °C water to make the barrel water supply line slot and the delivery pipe temperature drop. When the filling temperature exceeds 4 °C, the temperature should be lowered first and then the filling operation is carried out. The bottled pure water production line equipment uses the heat preservation tank and constant temperature irrigation to make the material maintain a certain constant temperature during the regular time of filling, avoiding the formation of the bottled water production line due to excessive temperature change and unstable operation. Rinse and sterilize the material tank to ensure that there is no dirt or bacteria on the part touched by the material. Use a special soapy water or smooth oil to smooth the belt. Bottled water production line containers must be kept clean, and the filling containers used must be strictly observed and cleaned, so that the beverage after filling cannot be contaminated.

After a period of work, the equipment will block a lot of dirt from the raw water in the upper part of the resin. After the dirt is removed, the ion exchange resin can be completely exposed, and the role of regeneration can be ensured. The backwashing process is that water is washed in from the bottom of the resin and flows out from the top, so that the dirt blocked by the top can be washed away. This process generally takes about 5-15 minutes.