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How to repair mineral water production line and common troubleshooting methods
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

The mineral water production line uses polyester bottles to produce various kinds of juices, mineral water, pure water and other non-gas beverages. The rinsing, filling and capping are completed on one machine. Introducing new skills from Japan and Italy, using the principle of pressure-type fixed liquid filling, the filling speed is fast, the liquid level control is stable, and there is no dripping phenomenon. The spring-loaded rushing pliers hand, the empty bottle with the trajectory actively performs 180° flipping, the two scouring in the table, the rinsing efficiency is high. The magnetic torque type capping head is selected to complete the function of grasping the cover and screwing the cover. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable, with a constant force to resist the rotation of the plastic cover, and does not hurt the cover, the seal is tight and firm.

The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button. It has active control of liquid level in material cylinder, no bottle is not filled, no bottle is not covered, and it does not hurt the cover, and the sealing is tight and firm. High precision: filter out bacteria, rust, colloids, macromolecular organic substances and other substances in water. The primary goal of retaining trace elements beneficial to human health, microbial and turbidity of purified water is superior to the hygienic standard for bottled drinking water. Long life: Because the ultrafiltration machine adopts the principle of straight through-insertion and filtration, it is actively cleaned and not easy to be dirty. Therefore, under normal conditions of use, the life of the filter element is 30-50 times that of the ordinary water purifier. Large flux: You can satisfy your family's needs for direct drinking, beauty, bathing, eating, and sanitation. Low cost: Because the ultrafiltration machine has a large flux, long life and maintenance-free, the cost per ton of purified water is only about one yuan, far lower than other purification equipment.

During the maintenance and repair of the mineral water production line, the circuit breaker should be blocked or the power plug should be unplugged to prevent electric shock, burns and damage during the inspection.

The pressure of the compressed air of the filling machine should be zero during maintenance. It is necessary to confirm that the pressure has dropped to zero before the components of the compressed air side are disintegrated. Trial operation of the three-phase motor ensures correct working direction and ensures the pressure and flow of compressed air. Check whether the motor, bearing, etc. need to add lubricating oil, prohibit oil-free operation, start the machine after normal, and investigate whether the fasteners in each part are loose or not, and wait until the operating conditions of all parts are stable before they can be used normally. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there is water in the water tank, whether the chain plate is stuck, whether there is any debris on the conveyor belt, whether there is a bottle cap in the storage box, whether the water source, power source and air source are connected. After the conditions are ready, Then, the main power supply QF is closed, the power indicator light is on, the fault indicator light, the emergency stop indicator light is off, and the starting condition is as follows. Press the start button on the control box and the filling switch to start the alarm after the buzzer sounds three times. The whole machine starts running, enters the external washing, scouring, filling and full active operation mode. The stop can press the stop button at the filling station and the control box, and the main power should be turned off after the shutdown.

Some common problems and cleaning methods in mineral water production lines

The mineral water production line changes the output signals corresponding to the fulfillment components such as the inlet valve, the high pressure pump and the flushing valve according to the changes of the input signals such as high pressure, low pressure, liquid level, reset, switch, etc., and reaches the active control of a standard RO system to complete the pressure maintenance. , liquid level control, boot / full water / active flushing and other functions.

The mineral water production line is divided into three processes of scouring, filling and capping according to its function. The operation process is as follows: (1) The empty barrel barrel bar is sent into the barrel loading, and the empty barrel gap moves one station. At this time, The empty bucket is flushed by the barrel mouth in an inverted state.

(2) There are four processes in the scouring process: the top of the list, the second disinfectant, the third clean water, and the fourth is the scouring of sterile water (mineral water or pure water). After scouring, there is a 10S time for dripping.

(3) The cleaned bucket is transported 45 degrees with the chain, the plastic bucket slides down by itself, and then the bucket is turned up 45 degrees by the top barrel cylinder, so that the empty bucket is placed in the filling orientation, waiting for filling.

(4) The filling valve is pushed into the barrel mouth by the cylinder, the active exhaust filling valve is gradually opened and filled, and the filling time is set by the PLC. The mineral water production line can be modified according to the liquid level concave and convex panel using the multi-function button. Fill the moment to reach the better position. After filling to the liquid level, more water is returned to the pure water tank through the active exhaust port to reduce the dregs of pure water.

(5) After the filling is completed, the mineral water production line pushes the filled barrel from the barrel cylinder to the gland station, and the lid is pressed when the next step is filled, and the whole production process is completed.

After the mineral water production line passes through the front quartz filter and the activated carbon filter, the large particle suspension in the raw water has been completely removed, and some small particle suspensions have not been removed. Here, another microfiltration was performed to remove suspended matter of 5 μm or more to maintain the RO membrane from being blocked. Together, some activated carbon fines are also trapped outside the reverse osmosis system. Install the filter inlet and outlet with a pressure indicator to replace the filter when the differential pressure increases to the set value. The primary power equipment of the reverse osmosis equipment of the high pressure pump, the pure water production line should be set with high overheat maintenance, and the low and high pressure maintenance switches should be set before and after the pump. When the high pressure pump inlet water pressure is lower than the set value, the mineral water production line is stopped to maintain the high pressure pump. When the high pressure pump outlet pressure is higher than the set value, the high pressure pump is stopped to maintain the reverse osmosis membrane.

The reverse osmosis equipment is the heart part of the pre-desalting of the mineral water production line . The water treated by reverse osmosis can remove most inorganic salts, organic matter and microorganisms. The rationality of the planning is directly related to the investment cost of the mineral water production line, the economic efficiency of the whole system, the service life, and the simplicity of operation. The reverse osmosis membranes are all made of the world's advanced ultra-low pressure composite membrane, and the single salt desalination rate is 99.8%.