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Process and operation points of concentrated juice production line
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

Process and operation points of the concentrated juice production line :

(1) Selection of raw materials: The raw materials for making juice should be soft fruits with higher maturity, easy to remove fermented and unripe fruits.

(2) Clearing: The first bar before raw juice extraction is a heavy-duty method to reduce pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to use the active water to clean the mud on the peel.

Less and impurities. When using the solution to wash, use both water first.

(3) Beating; the fruit juice is produced and beaten with a beater, and the pulp is wrapped with cloth to strip the juice. The juice yield can reach 70%, and the fruit will be washed.

Pour into the press to extract juice, and then filter the peel, fruit stem and part of the phase fiber through the scraper

(4) Dispensing; the juice after the coarse filtration is diluted with water to a refractive index of 4%. Then according to the distribution of 9 kilograms of juice plus 1 kilogram of white sugar, continue to mix

Melt the sugar thoroughly

(5) Filtration: Distribute the juice, filter it by centrifugal filter, remove the remaining peel, fruit seeds, some fibers, crushed pulp and coating

(6) Homogenization: The filtered juice is homogenized by the homogenizer, which can further break the fine fruit and maintain the uniformity of the juice.

Turbid condition. Homogenizer pressure is 1012

(7) Sterilization and cooling; the concentrated juice is sterilized by high-temperature bacteria and other methods, the sterilization type is 5-10/00 ° C, and then rapidly cooled to 40 U.

(8) Filling and sealing: The juice is heated, filled at a temperature of not lower than 80 ° C, and quickly sealed.