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Concentrated juice production line process and operation precautions
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-31

The primary process of the concentrated juice production line primarily covers the selection, scouring, juicing or leaching of juice materials, filling and so on. The concentrated juice contains the juice of the liquid cells in all or part of the whole fruit and vegetable. It is a nutritive value component in fruits and vegetables. The charm is beautiful, it is very simple to be taken by the human body, and some have medical results. Juice can be indirectly consumed or made into a variety of mixed drinks.
Process and operation points of the concentrated juice production line :
(1) Material selection: The juice-making materials should be soft fruits with higher maturity, and the fermented and unripe fruits should be removed.
(2) Scour: The cleaning of the material before juice extraction is a serious method to reduce pollution, and should pay more attention when skin juice is squeezed. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the sediment and impurities on the peel with active water. Rinse with a solution if necessary, then rinse with water.
(3) Beating: The concentrated juice production line is beaten and beaten with a beater. The pulp is wrapped with cloth to compress the juice, and the juice yield can reach more than 70%. The washed fruit may be poured into a press and juiced, and the peel, fruit seeds and some crude fibers are filtered through a scraper filter.
(4) Distribution: The juice after the coarse filtration is diluted with water to a refractive index of 4%. Then, according to the distribution of 9O kg of juice and 1Okg of white granulated sugar, the mixture is continuously mixed to completely dissolve the sugar.
(5) Filtration: Distribute the juice, filter it through a centrifugal filter, and remove the remaining peel, fruit seeds, some fibers, crushed pulp and impurities.
(6) Homogenization: The filtered juice is homogenized by a homogenizer, which can further break the fine pulp and adhere to the average fouling form of the juice. The homogenizer pressure is 1012 MPa.
(7) Sterilization and cooling: The concentrated juice is sterilized by receiving high temperature sterilization, etc., and the sterilization type is 5'-1O'/100 °C, and then rapidly cooled to below 40 °C.
(8) Filling and sealing: heating the juice, filling it under the condition that the juice temperature is not lower than 80 °C, and sealing agilely.