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Process technology analysis of pure water production line
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-19

The main purpose of each process of pure water production line is to improve water quality and reduce pollution.


Activated carbon filtration: Activated carbon filter mainly uses activated carbon on the surface of a large number of functional groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, which can chemically adsorb substances of various natures to remove odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine in water, while reducing the color of water. , turbidity, reduce pollution to reverse osmosis.

Quartz sand filtration: large-scale pure water equipment quartz sand filter mainly removes suspended solids, colloids, sediment, clay, rot plants, particulate matter and other impurities in water, reduces the turbidity of water, and the equipment of pure water water plant achieves the purpose of water quality clarification. Protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

Softening: The sodium ion on the ion exchange resin exchanges calcium and magnesium ions in the water to reduce the hardness of the water, and the ion exchange resin is regenerated with the salt.

Security filter: The 5 micron polypropylene wound fiber filter is used as the filter element, mainly to remove the particles of more than 5 micrometers that have not been removed by the pretreatment system, and to remove the filter material lost before the treatment, thereby protecting the RO membrane from being contaminated. Whether the filter element can reach normal use conditions will affect the normal working conditions of the membrane.

Reverse osmosis system: The system includes high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane, membrane shell, cleaning system and related pipelines, valves, measuring instruments, etc. The reverse osmosis first-order desalination rate is above 98%, and the reverse osmosis production water conductivity is less than 20μS/cm.

Second sterilization:

1, ozone sterilization machine

Ozone sterilization is widely used in the production of purified water. It can prevent the stagnant water in the pipeline and the wall of the vessel from growing bacteria and affecting the water quality. Therefore, the addition of ozone in the water eliminates the growth of microorganisms.

2, CIP cleaning device

When the reverse osmosis membrane element is used for a long time, it must inevitably lead to certain pollution, such as fouling of inorganic substances, bacteria, and microorganisms. At this point, the water production of the device is reduced, and the desalination rate is reduced. This system is mainly used for cleaning the reverse osmosis element to restore its normal working capacity.

The above is the technical analysis of the pure water production line

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