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Introduction to the more common characteristics of double-effect evaporator
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-07

The double-effect evaporator is actually vacuuming with a vacuum pump. Under vacuum, the liquid in the liquid storage tank is continuously pumped, heated by a double-effect tube heater, and the heat is used to make the liquid in a tube heater and The transpiration chamber circulates, and the secondary steam that enters enters the shell of the two-effect heater with the vacuum tube, and heats the material in the second-effect tube. The unutilized secondary steam and the secondary steam generated by the secondary effect are condensed by the condenser and then enter the liquid receiving tank. The liquid is continuously concentrated in the process until the density reaches the requirement, and the plan of the transpiration is fully utilized. The secondary steam residual heat generated by the system greatly saves the consumption of raw steam, reduces the burden of condensation, and reduces the consumption of cooling water. Here are some of the more common features of the double-effect evaporator :

Double-effect evaporator is a common feature introduction

1. The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, convenient layout, convenient operation and stable performance.

2. The feed liquid is heated by the heater through the forced circulation pump, and the top is directly tangentially inserted into the transpiration separator, and the vapor and liquid are separated.

3. Double-effect evaporator can be equipped with active system to realize active screwing of feed quantity, active control of heating temperature, active control of discharge concentration, and protection against sensitive materials during sudden power failure and faults. Other safety ,Call the police

Such as active operation, manipulation.

4, the material is transpiration concentrated by equipment, vacuum low temperature transpiration concentration, plus continuous feeding and discharging, heating transpiration time is short, accustomed to the heat transpiration concentration of food sauce materials.

5. During the transpiration process, the material is heated and forced to circulate, and the flow speed is fast, the heat is uniform, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the dry wall phenomenon can be prevented.

6. The material characteristics of the equipment are relatively large. In the meantime, the material which is simple for scaling in the transpiration process, the material which is crystallized during the transpiration process, the material which is improved in concentration concentration, the material which is added correspondingly to the viscosity, and the material which has insoluble solid matter.