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Beverage production line safety production precautions
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

Nowadays, the function, running stability, production power and automation degree of the beverage production line are unmatched by the single machine, and the pollution caused by the same production power production line is smaller. The domestic beverage production line equipment production enterprises are more aware of the development of the profession, and continue to be stronger to make the company more competitive and influential in the future.

Regarding the mass production of beverages, machine operators of beverage manufacturers must pay attention to the safety operation during the production process. First of all, we can ensure the safety and smooth progress of the production process from the following points.

1. Use the power supply and air source of the relevant specifications and regulations of the satisfactory beverage production line.

2. In order to avoid electric shock, the beverage production line equipment should ensure good grounding, so it is necessary to equip the beverage production line with a grounded power socket.

3. In the second half of the beverage production line, which is close to the control button, the electric control components are installed. Therefore, the fuselage can not be directly washed directly with water at any time. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock. It will damage the electrical components.

4. Regarding the finishing work of the beverage production line equipment, it should be noted that the gas source and power supply of the equipment should be turned off before cleaning, and then the cleaning operation of each equipment should be carried out.

5. After the power switch is turned off, there is still a certain voltage in the circuit in the electrical control part of the beverage production line, so we must first unplug the power supply during the inspection.