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Rack and drive parts of plate sterilizer
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-13

The rack consists of 6 racks (1 section for the imported rack, 1 section for the exit rack, 3 sections for the 3 meter rack, and 1 section for the 2 meter rack). The frame body is provided with a support frame, which comprises a movable frame and a fixed frame.

Frame body? Support frame (moving, fixed), fixed support beam, movable support beam, drive equipment, etc.

The support frame is mounted on the fixed support beam, the support frame is fixed, the grid bracket is mounted, the grid bar is mounted, and the fixed grid bed is mounted;

The support frame is mounted on the movable support beam, the movable support frame, the upper grid bracket, the upper grid, and the movable grid bed.

It can be seen that the grid bed for moving the bottle wine in the sterilization machine frame is composed of a fixed gate bed and a movable grid bed.

The drive device has two forms of lifting drive and forward and backward drive.

The lifting drive is driven by two hydraulic cylinders at the outlet end of the sterilizer to drive the quenching roller, the wedge plate and the tie rod assembly; the forward and backward driving is driven by two hydraulic cylinders at the inlet end to drive the quenching roller, the wedge plate and the tie rod assembly.

The two oil cylinders at the outlet end of the sterilizer increase the movable grille to increase the bottle wine, and the working stroke is 160 mm, and the bottle wine is increased by 6 mm; the two oil cylinders at the inlet end move the bottle to move the movable grille, and the working stroke is 120mm, that is, the bottle wine advancement interval is 120mm.

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