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Stainless steel container

Which is hot and cold?

Which is hot and cold?

Structure: It consists of inner liner, jacket, insulation layer, outer sheath, reducer, stirring paddle, thermometer and so on.

Liner: Made of stainless steel 304 material with polished surface.

Middle jacket: Made of A3 steel plate or 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate, the coiled coil device is reinforced, and the cold water is from bottom to top (no pressure) to achieve the best lifting and cooling.

Insulation group: It is made of stainless steel plate and thrown into a fish scale pattern. The insulation layer is kept with the temperature of the outside with polyurethane or glass wool to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

Reducer: Cycloidal pinwheel planetary reducer, fixed on the bracket in the beam, the reducer wheel output shaft is connected with the stirring paddle, and is connected by a looper for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Thermometer: Specification 00C~1000C, installed on the beam, straight to the lowest medium position, so that the liquid material can be used to indicate the temperature at the lowest position to achieve sterilization and aging purposes.

技术 技术 closed hot and cold cylinder technical parameters: