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Hot and cold cylinder manufacturers

Hot and cold cylinder manufacturers


Features of closed hot and cold tanks :

1. Stainless steel hot and cold cylinder batching tank has energy saving, noise elimination, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity and convenient cleaning.

2. The heating area is large, and the spiral guide is provided in the hollow jacket to strengthen the heat transfer process, with high thermal efficiency and uniform heating (cooling).

3. Designed according to the requirements of sanitary level, the structure design is very user-friendly and easy to operate. The transmission is smooth and the noise is low.

4, the appropriate diameter to height ratio design, custom mixing device on demand, energy saving, mixing, adjust your own effect.

5, the inner surface of the E body surface mirror polishing (rough skin Ra port. 4IJm), ready to escape from the battalion, the inner tank bottom and the inner simplified welding are both sleepy 5 run transition, light method easy to clean without dead angle. To ensure the reliability and stability of the production process, in line with the requirements of "cGMP" and other specifications.

技术 技术 closed hot and cold cylinder technical parameters: