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Mixing tank price

Mixing tank price

Use characteristics:

The mixing tank means that the material is stirred, mixed, blended, homogenized, etc. The stainless steel mixing tank can be standardized and humanized according to the requirements of the production process. The mixing tank can realize feed control, discharge control, mixing control and other manual automatic control during the mixing process. Structure of the stirred tank The stirred tank is composed of a stirred tank, a stirred tank lid, a stirrer, a support, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device, etc., and a heating device or a cooling device can also be configured according to the process requirements. The materials selected for the mixing tank, the mixing tank lid, the agitator, and the shaft seal can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different process requirements. The agitating tank and the agitating tank lid may be flanged or welded. The mixing tank and the stirring tank lid can be used to open the feed, discharge, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, safe venting and other process tube holes according to the process requirements. Which fermenter is good?

A transmission device (motor or reducer) is arranged on the upper part of the mixing tank cover, and the agitator in the stirring tank is driven by the transmission shaft.

The shaft sealing device can be in various forms such as machine seal or packing, labyrinth seal, etc. (according to user needs).

Due to the different production process requirements of the user, the agitator can be configured in various forms such as slurry, anchor, frame, and spiral. If you have other requirements, you can contact the factory and design and make it separately.